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Welcome to Aikido Yoshokai Vermont

Aikido is a form of Japanese Budo, based largely on movements and techniques of the Samurai.  While the movements in Aikido are closely related to fighting techniques, we use these techniques to study harmony and balanced relationships.  We primarily study with one partner in a class, and alternate between studying balanced, clear, guiding movements and off-balance, following movements.  These two participants work together to create one technique.  We emphasize safety and care for our partner so that both people can enjoy the study.

Aikido Yoshokai Association of Vermont, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 educational organization and a part of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America (AYANA).  For more information on AYANA, please click here.  

COVID-19 Update:  Spring 2021, In-person Classes Resume in April

Exact details unclear as of March 20. 

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Aikido Classes in Brandon, VT

We look forward to returning to Pillar Pilates with Brandon Rec
to offer Aikido classes in Brandon, VT.  Outdoor, no-contact classes are ongoing.
Classes were held on Mondays and Saturdays at 25 Rossiter St., Brandon, VT 05733.  
Now they are outside on Thursdays.  Email for location.

Brandon Rec Adult Registration
Brandon Rec Youth Registration

2020 Class Schedule listed in left sidebar

Typical class & fee schedule:

Youth I - $90 / quarterly  (Saturday 9:00-9:45 AM)
Youth II - $110 / quarterly  (Saturday 10:00-11:00 AM)

Adult Beginner - $110 / quarterly  (Monday 6:30-7:10 PM)
Adult Continuing - $120 / quarterly  
(Monday 7:15-8:00 PM)

(Sponsorships are available for those who would like to study, but cannot afford the full fee.  Email for more information.)

General Aikido class information

Adult Beginner Class weekly on Mondays, 6:30 - 7:10 PM    (ages 14 & up)

Beginner's class is for students who have never studied Yoshokai-style Aikido before, or are still very new to the study.  Class tends to focus on Basic Movements, Breakfalls, and relatively simple techniques.  Basic Movements are stylized forms that focus on one or two principles, which we then put together in different ways to create techniques.  

In Beginner's class, we tend to focus only on one or two types of Breakfalls: ways to fall down safely and stand up again. Once we have those pieces in place, they are put together into a technique to study with a partner.

Continuing Class weekly on Mondays, 7:15 - 8:00 PM    (ages 14 & up)

Continuing class is for students who have either taken the AYV Beginner's class or studied Yoshokai-style Aikido at another dojo for some period of time.  Classes tend to be more complex, faster paced, and include study of Buki, or wooden practice weapons (sword, staff, and knife) as well as more advanced breakfalls.

Youth I Class weekly on Saturdays 9:00 - 9:45   (ages 6-14; for Beginners)

Youth II Class weekly on Mondays 5:00 - 5:50 (ages 7-14; green belt and above)

Youth class focuses less on the technical aspects of Aikido and more on having fun working with others in a safe environment.  It is a study involving discipline and etiquette, so students learn to remain focused and attentive throughout class, but games and stories are often included.

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Other Yoshokai-style Aikido Dojos:

In Michigan:

The Genyokan Dojo is the headquarters dojo of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America.  It is located near the Ann Arbor Airport (off Ellsworth Road) in southeast Michigan.

The Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Aikido Club has both youth and adult classes on Monday evenings.  Classes meet in the Upper Gym at Scarlett Middle School on the southeast side of town.

The Ann Arbor YMCA Aikido Club has adult classes Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon.  Youth classes are Saturday morning.

Both the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University also have Yoshokai-style Aikido classes.  Check course listings for current days and times.

Both the Jackson and Livonia YMCAs have classes available.

For a full list of AYANA Dojos across North America and around the world, follow this link.